Takeaway: The Cisco Enterprise Wireless group helps networking and IT professionals stay informed and get the most out of Cisco’s products and solutions, while displaying thought leadership on major technological trends. For 2012, there were 10 posts that stood out from the rest.

Cisco Enterprise Wireless products and solutions continue to grow in the enterprise space, providing best-in-class wireless infrastructure for many businesses and organizations. Out of our blogs this year, including detailed case studies of how enterprises utilize Cisco products and solutions, best practices from successful deployments, overviews of thought leadership webinars, and more, ten posts stood out from the rest.

Ten Most Popular

1. Get your Wi-Fi Network Ready for Windows 8

Jeevan Patil discusses 802.11w and Windows 8 compatibility, workarounds, why you should care and how to ensure that your network is ready.

2. 802.11ac: The Fifth Generation of Wi-Fi Technology

802.11ac is coming. Let Bill Rubino walk you through the in’s and out’s of IEEE’s latest standard, aided by trusty Techwise TV Fundamentals.

3. Laying the Foundation for Tomorrow: A New 802.11ac Module for Aironet 3600

Chris Spain announces Cisco’s answer to the 802.11ac challenge, proving Cisco’s due diligence in helping their customers future-proof their networks with the 802.11ac module for the Cisco Aironet 3600.

4. Fast Roaming with 802.11r

Jeevan Patil takes us on a tour of Cisco technological innovations that have aligned to the IEEE transitions of 802.11b/a/g/r/k/v.

5. Always-On Mobile Experience with Wi-Fi

The problem: In the event of the controller failure, access points are disconnected for anywhere between 10-100 seconds before rolling over to the secondary controller. Solution: A sub-second fail-over that maintains SSID connection, also known as Stateful SwitchOver.

6. Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Cisco Wireless Network for the Apple iPhone5 and other Dual-Band Smartphones

Bill Rubino gives us the down-low on why Cisco WLAN is your prime pick to support BYOD with the appearance of dual-band smartphones.

7. Moving Beyond BYOD Connecting the Anytime Anywhere Workforce

Katie Taylor on the rules of the game and moving beyond basic BYOD towards a comprehensive approach across policy, management, and user experience for any workspace.

8. 802.11i Authentication and You

How well do you know 802.1X, EAP, and 802.11i? Travis Schlafke expands on these three components of the enterprise wireless security model for us.

9. BYOD for the MidMarket

Can BYOD be simple, affordable, and secure for the medium-business? Sangita Patel says “YES!” and explains to us all why BYOD doesn’t have to be such a headache for the mid-sized enterprise.

10. Cisco Ushers in the Next Generation in Enterprise Class Wi-Fi Connectivity

Mark Denny introduces us to the complete set of second generation of Aironet access points: 1600, 2600 & 3600.


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