Have you ever imagined what your car, phone, laptop, or anything you own for that matter, would say if it could speak? I think my phone would tell me to stop dropping it.  My car would beg me to get it washed.

What if the routers that have been powering your branch network all these years could talk?  What if they could talk to each other?  Something like this might happen:

In order for your organization to move faster, more efficiently, and more securely, your network needs to transform.  And since the branch is where 80% of your employees and customers are served, the branch needs a solid network foundation.

The Cisco ISR 4000 Series is built on the Cisco Digital Network Architecture its features deliver the network requirements for the digital organization.

  • Insights and Experiences: Visibility and real-time analytics to ensure application experience
  • Automation and Assurance: Automated provisioning for faster SD-WAN deployments
  • Security and Compliance: Industry-leading threat defense and secure WAN
  • Virtualization: Simplified operations and deployment of virtual network services

So what should you do?  Read this guide on how the ISR 4000 series stacks up against its predecessor.  Use the Router Selector to help you choose the right router for your branch or store – whether you are acquiring a new router or upgrading an old one.

Please do let me know what your router says the next time you see him (or her).



Allison Park

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks