The Making of PENN1 – an insider’s view

I was fortunate enough to sit in on a recent conversation with a few of our partners that help bring the vision of our NYC PENN 1 hybrid workplace to life.  At PENN1 we challenged ourselves and our partners to take an integrated approach to simplifying building management, reducing operational costs, and enabling a flexible hybrid work environment.

In listening to our partners, you quickly realize that the sum of the whole is greater than the individual parts of the system.


PENN1 Smart Workspaces
Figure 1. PENN1 floor plan data

The sharing of data seems to be key…

“The data from one system becomes more valuable when it’s combined with data from other systems and acted upon,” says Giovanni Frezza, director of digital enterprise and IoT solutions at Molex. “With individually addressable devices, there are a ton of possibilities and use cases.”

“Data is made extremely valuable when it is paired with DNA Spaces analytics for actionable outcomes for cost savings, space, utilization and other insights” says Dwight Stewart, founder and CEO of Igor.

David Robinson, Director of automation, at Mecho, said “We really want to have the ability to actually share the information that we are gathering at any given time, be this from a lighting perspective, or from a thermal perspective… Data sharing is one of our key features, which we can actually enhance a digital building environment.”

Mecho approached the project by first gathering sensor data to create a complete model for the space. “We gathered information from wireless daylight sensors and then we interpreted this information to position the shades over the course of the day for optimal thermal and visual comfort.”  To actually work the shades need to act in concert with lighting and HVAC systems to maintain the environmental consistency.

As Dwight Stewart mentioned, “Adjusting lighting with context is essential.” At PENN 1 “every single light within the ecosystem can be individually controlled in different scenes when people are entering, leaving, or in hybrid meetings or in all in-person meetings.”

Dannion Smith, director of product management and marketing with Teknion took this a bit further. “Real time personal workspace insights are a truly sought after commodity. The workplace is alive with data. Every IoT device can communicate insights to make businesses smarter, safer, seamlessly, connected…  providing actionable insights that drive real business results.


“Penn 1 shows how multiple solutions and partners can come together to create a truly intelligent, sustainable, and modernized work environment. As you walk into the lobby of the building, it’s like stepping from the past into the future.

Giovanni Frezza


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Jeff Meek

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networking and Mobility