Did you miss Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US? No worries! We can give you full access to what was discussed.

For those of you who haven’t seen Tech Field Day, here is the breakdown: the top influencers (podcasters, bloggers, and speakers) came to #CLUS to listen to a few Cisco experts that shared information and opinions in a presentation and discussion format. These session were livestreamed and they are now shared on YouTube.

This year our experts presented to ten influencers on the latest and greatest at Cisco. Our sessions included discussions on:

  • Branch Threat Defense innovations with a Cisco Umbrella Branch demo
  • Validation of Experience
  • APIC-EM Controller discussion and EasyQoS demo
  • Digital Business Transformation and Solutions

Throughout our presentations the influencers asked questions to the presenters. You can listen to the questions asked in the videotaped sessions below from the first session at #TFDx CLUS:

In this session Product Manager Elisa Caredio presents on the latest additions to the Branch Threat Defense Portfolio. She covers both the Cisco Umbrella branch and Stealthwatch Learning Network License. Elisa discusses the threat protection at the DNS layer and the ability to filter domains of an enterprise branch, focusing on guest-wifi use cases. She also dives into innovate ways to turn the branch router into a sensor.

Next, Product Manager Kural Arangasamy demonstrates a Cisco Umbrella Branch Threat Defense solution.

Please feel free to add comments below and watch for our next blog series on Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2016.

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