They say Rome wasn’t built in a day. Likewise, innovative products that simplify global deployments and add value for users take time. Cisco has been on a mission to make cloud connectivity a seamless experience for our customers through our SD-WAN offering and its deep native integration with our cloud partners.

As cloud providers accelerate delivery of expanded offerings to address customer needs, operations teams must keep pace with how to take advantage of these innovations. In fact, according to the Flexera 2023 State of the Cloud Report, lack of resources or expertise is among the top three cloud challenges faced by organizations today. Cisco SD-WAN mitigates this issue by providing uniform cloud connectivity, while giving IT users faster access to the latest cloud innovations.

In support of our mission, I’m happy to announce the launch of our joint solution of Cisco SD-WAN with AWS Cloud WAN. The integrated solution powers a seamless and unified connectivity experience for organizations to interconnect their sites and use as an on-ramp to AWS Cloud workloads and services.

Building the future of connectivity through partnership

Cisco and AWS have collaborated over the past several years to build natively integrated on-ramp solutions with a variety of connectivity mechanisms in order to meet customer needs. We have co-innovated, combining the latest AWS-managed network offering, AWS Cloud WAN, with Cisco SD-WAN to create a dynamic, high-performance architecture that enables customers to build secure, highly reliable global networks.

“We recognize that hybrid networks have created more complexities for IT leaders who must manage scalable global connectivity for cloud transformation without compromising on security or performance. I am excited about Amazon’s unique partnership with Cisco, to provide our customers an integrated joint solution using Cisco SD-WAN with AWS Cloud WAN. This solution will give our customers a simplified network architecture for application access, by delivering a secure, agile underlay and overlay, while improving manageability and performance.”
—Robert Kennedy, VP, Border Network Engineering, AWS

This fully orchestrated solution uses the simple Cisco SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp workflow to optimize the middle-mile using the AWS global backbone, extending the SD-WAN fabric on demand to interconnect enterprise sites and AWS Cloud workloads (see Figure 1). And the Cisco SD-WAN intuitive interface captures user intent before automating the extension of the SD-WAN fabric to their AWS workloads.


Cisco SD-WAN AWS Cloud WAN topology
Figure 1. Example use case featuring the integrated Cisco SD-WAN with AWS Cloud WAN solution.


“Application modernization and adoption of cloud services are slowed down by complexity in cloud networking and security considerations. What we’re witnessing with the collaboration between Cisco, AWS, and digitalized service providers like BT is an integrated approach that provides a consistent connectivity fabric across underlay, overlay, and cloud with rich, enterprise-class network functions. Doing it all through Cisco SD-WAN vManage controller allows networking teams to bring their heritage and expertise to the cloud, as we see firms moving all their networking to a single team for improved service management, meeting compliance and security obligations. AWS Cloud WAN and the integration with Cisco SD-WAN will help accelerate digital transformation for our clients.”
—Colin Bannon, CTO, BT Business, British Telecom


Benefit with the best of both worlds: Network and Cloud

Cisco SD-WAN with AWS Cloud WAN gives our customers the best of Cisco and AWS—a dynamic network that optimizes performance while simplifying deployment with high availability and end-to-end security for cloud applications.

This on-demand solution, orchestrated from the single dashboard of Cisco SD-WAN, provides a scalable network that can evolve with organizations’ changing needs. Additional benefits include:

  • Performance optimization. Architect a multi-region network that is purpose-built to get the highest performance over the AWS backbone.
  • Simplified network creation and management. SD-WAN workflows reduce complexity and translate user intent to build and manage global networks with full network stack automation.
  • 99.99% uptime. This integrated solution is backed by the AWS service level agreement, featuring uptime of 99.99%* across a global network, with monitoring capabilities for the underlay and overlay.
  • Built-in security. Cisco SD-WAN provides end-to-end encryption and network segmentation policies to user and application traffic traversing the AWS private backbone for site-to-site, site-to-cloud, and region-to-region connectivity.


Join us at Cisco Live!

Join Robert Kennedy, VP of Border Network Engineering at AWS, Colin Bannon, CTO of BT Business at British Telecom, and me at Cisco Live 2023, as we discuss how BT plans to leverage Cisco SD-WAN with AWS Cloud WAN to help businesses streamline their global cloud deployments!



Learn more:

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Email us at aws_cisco_sdwan@cisco.com

* For multi-availability zone (multi-AZ) deployments – AWS Cloud WAN Service Level Agreement





JL Valente

Vice President, Product Management, Enterprise Routing and SD-WAN

Networking Experiences Team