Improve infrastructure security? Or improve infrastructure management? Why not both? These were the questions on the minds of the team at Solar, a leading European sourcing and services company with over 170 locations around the world. After the May 2017 WannaCry ransomware attack, Solar decided they needed to take action across their branches and warehouses.

With a small IT team, Solar had difficulty managing and securing the infrastructure across all of their branches and warehouses.  Of chief concern was segmenting security by user and device plus improving the time of interaction between locations.

Solar turned to Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA) for new security measures, programmability and performance.

Now in the middle of a Cisco DNA implementation through Cisco ONE subscription for switching, Solar Group is moving toward identity-based security policy automation and segmentation while evolving to a more agile, automated network.

Wondering how their progress is going? And how Cisco ONE factored into their Cisco DNA decision? For these answers and more, watch the video below, or head over to Soundcloud for the podcast.

In this episode, recorded on the Cisco Live show floor in Barcelona, Moderator and Senior Marketing Manager Nada MacKinney, sits down with Solar Systems Administrator Frank Osberg. Frank walks Nada through the ongoing Cisco DNA implementation and discusses what’s ahead for Solar.

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Candace Inscoe

Sr. Manager

Software Marketing