UPDATE: Didn’t get a chance to listen to the TechWise TV Workshop from July 17? The link below will bring you to the archived event!

What if I told you that there was software that can track 240+ anomalies and instantly review all packets on-demand on your network, all while emulating the on-site network administrator? I’d have your attention, right? You’d be really interested in learning more about this product?

Then today is your lucky day! Actually July 17, 2018 was your lucky day because that’s when Cisco experts Taranpreet Kohli and Min Se Kim discussed Cisco Intelligent Capture, the Cisco software feature referenced above. But today is your chance to listen to the one-hour conversation where you will learn all about Intelligent Capture and in particular:

  • How to use on-demand Wi-Fi analytics to determine the experience a client is having at any given moment.
  • How anomaly-driven RF forensics allow you to meet users’ mission-critical expectations with Wi-Fi.
  • How automation finds and fixes wireless issues – before they affect user experiences.

This workshop will prove to be an enlightening discussion that will touch on a lot of the same issues that you’re facing right now.

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Byron Magrane

Product Manager, Marketing