What if you could apply application based Quality of Service (QoS) with just a couple clicks? Seriously. If you’ve read this far, I’ll tell you: ActionPacked! Networks, a Cisco Developer Network (CDN) registered partner, recently hosted my colleague, Bob Nusbaum for an awesome webinar and demo.

LiveAction Flow View
LiveAction handles QoS, NBAR2, and other AVC features easily and comprehensively

Bob described Cisco’s perspective on the future of routing – it’s all about applications! – and ActionPacked! gave a great demo of LiveAction software. Our attendees learned how to securely:

    1. Discover and prioritize 1400+ applications in your network
    2. Re-route groups of applications based on real-time network performance
    3. Reduce bandwidth expansion costs

The webinar is a deep-dive on Cisco AVC and explains how to simplify and speed delivery of applications with Cisco ISR-AX Routers and ActionPacked! LiveAction software.

Block Bit Torrent with AVC & LiveAction
If you don’t have time for a 60-minute webinar, take a look at the great video combining Cisco AVC and LiveAction to detect and block Bit Torrent.

Partnership Highlights

Cisco AVC and LiveAction software with Flow visualization improve application performance for users located anywhere, on any device, to maximize employee productivity. LiveAction is the first management tool to earn the Cisco Developer Network (CDN) AVC Interoperability Verification Testing (IVT) compatibility certification and is an important partner of Cisco AVC.

Key AVC and LiveAction features

    • Monitoring application performance
    • Reporting application response time metrics
    • End-to-end view of network performance

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