Yesterday Cisco announced a couple of new technologies – a new 802.11ac Access Point, a new converged wired+wireless Catalyst Switch, and more – but the announcement that generate

d quite a bit of buzz beyond networking circles was a new partnership with Facebook.  This solution –  CMX for Facebook Wi-Fi – is part of a broader announcement of new partnerships around the Connected Mobile Experiences ecosystem.

The Cisco Partner Ecosystem enables organizations to customize applications and services.  This customization can be applied to deliver location-aware guest access, device-based services, browser-based services, customized mobile applications, online and onsite analytics, social analytics, and advertisements.

CMX for Facebook Wi-Fi is exciting as it allows businesses to offer free wi-fi to customers and makes it easy for those customers to check in.  If you’re at a cafe, for example, you don’t need to stand in line at the register just to ask for a password – you just log in.   From an analytics perspective businesses get aggregate data on their customer base.  This i

This afternoon (1pm EDT, 10am PDT) we’re having a
lunch&learn here at Interop to discuss – in detail – how businesses can use this new technology to enhance  end-user experiences and engagements.  The discussion will be a Q&A panel led by Craig Mathias, principal analyst from the FarPoint Group, and will cover the new application and network possibilities for Cisco customers and partners.  Join us!ncludes demographics data from users who Check In, such as age, gender, city (origin), and language.


Lauren Friedman

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks