The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference will take place in San Antonio, TX from June 23rd through June 26th.  ISTE is an annual conference providing hundreds of sessions, emerging education tech solutions, keynotes, face to face demonstrations and a collaboration of like-minded educators.  To register for this event please click here.

Join Cisco BYOD Solutions for K-12 Education will be featured along with Cisco Meraki Cloud Solutions in booth 11270 for live presentations and face to face time with knowledgeable experts discussing innovative technologies utilized in today’s classrooms.

Cisco BYOD Solutions for K-12 Education at booth 11270 will showcase four hosted demos:

–          Application Visibility and Control (AVC)

Utilizing mobile devices in the classroom will dramatically increase application traffic and bandwidth by users.  AVC allows for capacity planning, network usage base lining, and better understanding of which applications are consuming bandwidth.  This demo will demonstrate how AVC can be used to manage application priority or drop certain application traffic.


–          Bonjour Services Gateway

Bonjour is an Apple service that may be difficult to deploy on a campus since it cannot route across network segments, subnets, or VLANs.  This results in users not being able to see Bonjour services coming from other segments or subnets.  This demo will illustrate how faculty can use an iPad and Apple TV to share information and class material to students during class via wireless and restricting access to students.


–          Device Enrollment and Blacklist

An instructor brings a personal device to use on campus. The school has a Cisco Unified Access Network that allows users to be easily enrolled and automatically provisioned for use. Once on the network, the user can utilize collaboration applications to enhance productivity while complying with network and web security policies.  However, if the user loses the personal device, it is blacklisted from accessing the network. This allows for easy network enrollment while providing the security of not losing information with a loss of a device.


–          Client Troubleshooting

This demonstration illustrates Cisco’s Client Troubleshooting capabilities in Cisco Prime Infrastructure including; client visibility and details, proactive issue identification and root cause analysis, and real time client statistics and troubleshooting with Cisco ISE integration.

Cisco Meraki cloud-managed wireless switching, security and mobile device management solutions will also be presented.  Attendees will learn how administrators can use a single pane of glass to monitor, configure, and troubleshoot networks in real time, including such features as Layer 7 traffic categorization and shaping, client statistics, presence analytics, and integrated mobile device management.

Do not miss your opportunity to register for the ISTE event. This is a great chance to learn and understand what Cisco BYOD Solutions for K-12 Education can do for schools nationwide.  To learn more please visit the Cisco BYOD Solutions for K-12 Education home page.