Whether you’re the CIO of a Fortune 500 company, or you’re managing the still-complex network strategy of a smaller company, you need to know what to prepare for—what are the trends in networking you can’t ignore?

I am delighted to speak at next week’s Gartner IT Symposium/XPO in Orlando, where I will share five future trends around networking, operations and talent. I also will sit down with Matt Clair, CIO of Clair Global, about how networking makes a difference in his work, in his customers’ work, and how he’s planning on adapting to a digital world that is rapidly changing and growing in complexity.

Finally – I’ll share a sneak peek into the Cisco 2020 Global Networking Trends Report, which explores how advanced networking technologies, like automation and advanced analytics, are dramatically changing networking models and operations to facilitate dynamic business needs.

If you are attending the Gartner IT Symposium/Xpo – I hope to see you during my session on Monday afternoon, Oct. 21.


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Prashanth Shenoy

Vice President of Marketing

Enterprise Networking and Mobility