Episode 1: Quality of Service Made Simple

Quality of Service (QoS) is a critical requirement to an optimal user experience on the network. Having the right priority across voice, video, and data traffic can be the difference between a good and great network. Yet ask any networking professional and they will tell you: QoS is tough. It is often expensive, difficult to deploy, and a pain to troubleshoot and update. It is a complex technology that is only becoming more complicated as additional devices and applications are added to the network.

QoS does not need to be this tough. It is at its best when the user doesn’t even notice it. It is one of the most important and pervasively deployed networking technologies because it can make a huge impact on both network performance and employee productivity. QoS may be complex, difficult and time consuming to manage, but it is something all network-reliant businesses need.

Cisco is fundamentally transforming the network through our Digital Network Architecture (you can read about it here). DNA is helping IT departments around the world focus on innovation and transformation, rather than on maintenance. It gives IT the agility it needs to keep up with the speed of change in today’s businesses.

The largest barrier to deploying effective QoS is not the infrastructure itself, but rather the operational complexity of management and configuration. DNA removes this complexity through Cisco EasyQoS. Instead of IT having to understand the inner workings of each networking device and how to prioritize individual applications, they just need to know what applications are important to their business. No more difficult configurations – it is now as simple as choosing which applications are business relevant and letting EasyQoS do the rest.

IT can be transformative given the time and the tools to do so. Cisco DNA and EasyQoS offer both.

Episode one of Cisco’s five-part innovation series, “New Frontiers: IT Innovations in 5 minutes,” will explore the benefits of transforming your network, starting with QoS. In this episode, you’ll meet Tim, who explains what EasyQoS is and how it makes network management simpler and easier, for a much better experience.


Scott Harrell

Senior Vice President and General Manager

Enterprise Networking Business