Cisco Live 2023
Figure 1. Cisco Live Amsterdam 2023

Make sure your network is ready for a hybrid world where the workplace is anywhere, endpoints could be anything, and applications are hosted all over the place.

Extending the power of the secure network as close to the edge as possible helps you to better respond to the unexpected, transforming the challenges of hybrid work into opportunities for innovation. But imagine if the “power” is actually high voltage DC and that some of the “transforming” isn’t having to be done on the switch!

We are here at Cisco Live Amsterdam and are happy to announce four new compact models in the Catalyst 9200 Series, now with HVDC/AC power option:

  • C9200CX-8UXG-2X
  • C9200CX-8UXG-2XH
  • C9200CX-12P-2XGH
  • C9200CX-8P-2XGH

What Is New?

We launched the Cisco Catalyst 9200CX compact models late last year to extend Layer 3 network access with all the features of the Catalyst 9200 Series switches, plus even more flexibility with its smaller size, and more energy-efficient fanless operation. The smaller footprint and quieter fanless design mean the switch can go in more places where other switches cannot, such as under desks, in closets, on the wall, and at the checkout counter for retail point of sale (POS) installations. These compact switches are being used in locations that are easy to set up and easy to dismantle, such as ATM rentals, small office home offices (SOHO), extended hospitals, mobile clinics, classrooms, cruise ships, sports games, festivals, events, and pop-up kiosks.

Additional Key Benefits of Catalyst 9200CX 

  • Naturally cooled fanless operation
  • Multiple port choices with incredible speeds, 1G to 10G, and now 10G multigigabit (new).
  • HVDC/AC power options (new) for increased power efficiencies and reduced conversion losses
  • Up to 60W PoE options (new)
  • Zero Trust security with policy-based segmentation, for less downtime
  • Built-in micro-SSD card slot for the “offline” setup

Lost In Translation

HVDC or high voltage direct current power has been around for a long time.

Initially deemed the least efficient way to transport electricity over long distances, HVDC has been seen as the next generation of energy delivery. With the ability to transfer a significant amount of power over large distances power losses are now only about 3% for every 1,000 km.

Why are we talking about it now?

Figure 2. Wires

Most electronics want DC – all those little power cubes are AC to DC power converters.

Currently, power grids distribute AC electricity to homes and buildings, meaning these devices must convert the AC power they get into the DC power they need. While the conversion process can be fairly efficient (up to 96%) when the cost is no concern, more often than not less efficient but cheaper drivers are used to reduce cost.

Have you ever touched a common AC-powered LED light bulb and discovered it is hot? Unlike incandescent bulbs, LEDs only emit light – no heat. So why are they hot? Simple. Most drivers for inexpensive LED lights are inefficient (80% on average). In fact, on average, about 20% of energy is lost as heat during conversion. Ultimately, by providing these systems and devices directly with DC power, the need for these inefficient drivers is eliminated.

‍In fact, up to 74% of loads in a building could require DC power, when considering EV chargers and HVAC equipment with DC motors (R. Price and M. Scerbo, “New LEED pilot credit encourages energy savings with DC power systems,” U.S. Green Building Council, Feb. 28, 2019).

Using HVDC transmission systems in smart buildings, called DC microgrids, increases resiliency, safety, performance, efficiency, stability, as well as plug-and-play capabilities. Using HVDC to power the switch to power end devices with PoE -TVs, laptops, access points, phones, LED lights, shades, controllers and sensors, etc., extends these benefits to nearly everything in your office.

Figure 3. PENN1 NYC

PoE has been shown to significantly reduce the power used in next-generation smart hybrid workspaces like Cisco’s PENN 1.

Further, DC infrastructure can play a major part in the “smart grid” decentralized power generation, storage, distribution, and control.

The Catalyst 9200CX is designed to allow you to secure your network from the inside out, applying continuous zero-trust security anywhere you need it, and often extending your network to places it has never been before. And now with HVDC/AC power, PoE, and 60W Cisco UPOE, it can extend connectivity even further.

Whether in the board room or the bedroom, at the checkout counter, or the check-in desk, don’t box in your network to a traditional workspace or workplace; embrace the future of hybrid work with Catalyst 9200CX compact switches.


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Jeff Meek

Product Marketing Manager

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