Last month we had the honor of hosting the first session of Networking Field Day 10. For the unitiated, the Tech Field Day folks bring independent bloggers, speakers, and podcasters to vendors for deep-dives. The 12 delegates of #NFD10 stopped by to discuss Cisco’s approach to SD-WAN. This was a great session as SD-WAN, while pretty hot right now, is also a pretty great solution to branch automation.

Jeff Reed, VP of Network Transformation, kicked off Networking Field Day 10 to introduce Cisco’s approach to Software Defined WAN (SD-WAN) for the Enterprises to the 12 delegates who attended.

Next, Sumanth Kakaraparthi, Product Manager for Platform Routing and Pedro Leonardo, Product Manager in Network Transformation for Enterprise Management and Controller started the sessions by explaining the Zero Touch Deployment model. They showcased how no physical user interaction with the device is required other than connecting the necessary cables. 

Here are some questions that were asked during Sumanth and Pedro’s first session on Zero Touch Deployment from the delegates (time stamps included):

(5:00) When connecting a device to the controller, will it do auto discovery so that someone doesn’t have to plug in a USB?

(7:00) If a router is stolen: Are there other transport options besides https/Internet?

(7:45) Is [Cisco] Plug and Play supported on all branch hardware routers or any specific platform?

(8:05) Do switches support [Cisco] Plug and Play?

Hear our panelist’s answers in the video session below:

If you would like to further explore these questions, please comment below.

Networking Field Day 10 was a great success for Cisco and the delegates. Look for our next #NFD10 blog recap where Sumanth and Pedro deep dive into Cisco IWAN Policy Automation and Transport Independent Design.

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If you would like to view all of the session videos they are now posted on YouTube.


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