When it comes down to it, MGM Resorts International’s focus revolves around its guests. And today, an important facet of hospitality includes an accessible, reliable network. But it doesn’t serve only the resort’s visitors; the network has also become a vital part of the business.

Being one of many major resorts on the renowned Las Vegas Strip, MGM Resorts was anxious to connect with guests – and have guests connect to them. So MGM partnered with Cisco to implement an IT infrastructure that would give guests what they were asking for while also enhancing business-focused technology capabilities.

“We have positioned MGM Resorts as a market leader by collaborating with Cisco to build an infrastructure that delivers high density for concurrent connections, enables policy diversity, and offers the bandwidth to support the mobile Internet.”

-John Bollen, VP of technology strategy, MGM Resorts International

As far as guests are concerned, the network must be easily accessible, quick, and responsive. The underlying technology isn’t what matters to them—it’s the result. With the specially designed infrastructure delivered by Cisco, MGM is able to provide the access visitors demand with no compliance or regulatory concerns. And, as a wireless network, guests can connect from their own devices.

On the business end, MGM Resorts is experiencing a marketing transformation. What if employees could collect and analyze large amounts of data to better understand customer behavior and actions? Predictability would no longer be a gamble. And with the new Wi-Fi capabilities, this is now possible.


Read more about MGM Resort’s Wi-Fi transformation and how it is positively impacting their business at mobilize.cisco.com.


Jaishree Subramania

No Longer with Cisco