Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 4.47.02 PMThere are a billion reasons (okay, I may be exaggerating but you get my point) why you should choose Cisco WAAS as THE WAN optimization solution for your company.  But today, I want to emphasize the following three:

#1. Not your ordinary WAN optimization

With Cisco WAAS, you’re not just getting WAN optimization but much more.  WAAS is integrated into the industry leading branch routers – the ISRs – and this means the capabilities are not only limited to WAN optimization and application acceleration but to security, application visibility, QoS and much more.  The Cisco Intelligent WAN is an entire package along with WAAS to provide an uncompromised user experience over any connection.  Regardless of the type of connection that particular branch has, WAAS can reduce bandwidth usage and accelerate applications working alongside with Intelligent Path Control, Transport Independence, and Security.

# 2. All for the space of one

Like I said, because WAAS is integrated into the branch router, you get all of it – the router, WAN optimization, security, application visibility and control – for the space of one.  Not only do you save on space, but also on power and resources.  For every device you have out there in the branch, it just means more hands and frequency needed to fix any problem that may rise.  And especially for retail stores where space really is gold, having a one box solution is essential.

 #3. It just keeps getting better

We strive to please.  That’s why WAAS is constantly evolving to meet our customers’ needs.  Case in point, the Cisco AppNav.  The branch is easy to configure and deploy WAAS, why not the data center?  As you add more branches or as the number of applications and devices grow in the enterprise network, you naturally need more capacity at the data center.  Cisco AppNav is the answer that helps pool the WAN optimization resources together to create a giant virtual WAAS.  It helps you utilize all the devices to the fullest and makes it easy when you do add another box.  Another one of course is the Akamai Connect solution that I’ve been talking about for months.  Working with partners such as Akamai is like icing on the ever so tasty cake.

 If you know of the other billion minus three reason, please let me know.  In the meanwhile, I’ll share the WAAS and AppNav live demo video that shows you first hand why WAAS should be your choice.


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Allison Park

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks