Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 2.57.54 PMLiveAction 4.0, shipped in late June 2014, brings increased scalability to enable users the ability to see thousands of devices across their entire network on a single pane of glass. It provides centralized visibility and management enhancements while leveraging the intuitive user interface and robust troubleshooting capabilities that LiveAction has become known for.

Through a highly expandable architecture, LiveAction 4.0 provides a consolidated view for the entire network bringing central management and coordination of nodes, distributed analytics management and device interaction and configuration. This allows network administrators to easily troubleshoot and resolve performance issues in networks with multiple data centers and geographically dispersed branch offices.

Using a patent-pending technology, LiveAction’s most unique feature has been its ability to graphically depict an interactive network topology with end-to-end flow visualization.   Network administrators can zoom in and out of the topology with complete ease using simple point-and-click operations. LiveAction 4.0 enables users to extend this exclusive visualization capability and QoS control to networks of 40,000 devices or more, which improves upon previous versions that would require multiple LiveAction servers for networks exceeding 2,000 devices.

LiveAction 4.0 offers the following customer benefits:

  • Increase complexity and size of LiveAction managed network while maintaining consistent performance
  • Centralized management via a single-pane-of-glass visibility across large enterprise networks
  • Save time and money with the same intuitive user interface and ease of troubleshooting, but for larger and more complex environments
  • Ease of operations with bulk discovery, configuration and grouping

Following are LiveAction 4.0 new enhancements:

  • Network topology and end-to-end flow visualization optimized for large-scale deployments
  • Distributed analytics providing reports, dashboards, alerts and search
  • Device grouping allowing common operations across multiple devices with ease
  • Bulk discovery enhancements enabling faster and automatic detection of devices
  • Bulk configuration enhancements for groups of devices and sites
  • Simple migration to LiveAction 4.0 from previous releases

LiveAction 4.0 is built on a 3-tier architecture with clients, servers, and node collectors. Collectors discover network devices, ingest flow and SNMP data and extend configuration capabilities in a distributed environment by allowing for horizontal scaling of LiveAction.  In addition, the clients and servers have been enhanced for massive scalability.

The following diagram shows LiveAction 4.0 management of a sample network.  In this example, LiveAction collectors would be deployed in different parts of the network to provide the horizontal scaling and communicate with the LiveAction server, which enables a centralized view across the network.


LiveAction is on the Cisco Global Price List consisting of three (3) pricing models: LiveAction WAN, LiveAction Enterprise, and LiveAction Professional.  Please refer to LiveAction for IWAN Management Datasheet for more information: http://www.cisco.com/c/dam/en/us/solutions/collateral/enterprise-networks/intelligent-wan/liveaction_visualization_management.pdf.

Download a trial version of LiveAction here!

Also join us for our July 25th webinar where we will discuss the ‘single-pan of glass’ visibility and management and showcase the new LiveAction 4.0.  Register here!


Kathleen Nguyen

Senior Manager, Product Marketing