You just set up your entire network using Cisco products and it was incredibly easy. But now you have a question: how do you make sure that your network and your data stays secure? Certainly the safeguard for running security must be time-consuming to set up, a bear to maintain and incredibly expensive.

How about a “no” to all three assumptions?

Security is important. You wouldn’t think of parking your brand new car on the street and leave the keys in the ignition, would you? Then don’t do the equivalent with something more valuable: your data.

With Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) Express, you get a comprehensive licensing bundle that offers enterprise-level guest services at a fraction of the cost. What that means is your small to medium-sized business will have the same security as the larger enterprise-level organizations do.

Cisco ISE Express is Cisco ISE, it’s just a licensing bundle specifically tailored for you to get guest services up and running easily and simply.

Security at short money sounds great, but what does ISE Express provide? Cisco’s security solution encompasses: hotspot, sponsored and self-registration portals as well as RADIUS authentication, authorization and accounting for 150 end points. ISE Express also comes with a virtual machine license and unlimited access to the ISE portal builder. The ISE portal builder allows you to create a customized portal in 17 languages using 10 design templates.

Unlike our competitors, ISE Express integrates with the firewall—a function that only Cisco offers.

Cisco ISE Express is perfect for the organization that doesn’t have a dedicated IT staff because after setup, ISE Express automatically runs the security protocols that you set up. It’s a true set-it-and-forget-it solution. It also comes with a super handy install wizard that gets you up and running in three simple steps.

Cisco ISE Express is restricted to a single instance and cannot be run as a distributed solution of in a high-availability configuration. But if you’re a larger organization, ISE Express is a great way to try ISE in your network. The good news is that if ISE Express works for you, the licenses can be expanded at a later date. Up to 5,000 additional guest licenses can be purchased. Of course you can eventually upgrade any ISE instance to a full-blown deployment where you can enjoy everything from active profiling to mobile device management, all on a single pane of glass.

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Dan Stotts

Product Marketing Manager

Security Product Marketing organization