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Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) is an innovative WiFi-based solution that enables public-facing organizations across many industries to better understand customer behaviors and trends. CMX provides your visitors with guest wi-fi access and connects with them by offering location-based promotions, which increases revenue opportunities and higher customer satisfaction.

As public enterprises continue to upgrade and modify their venue and services layouts, their WiFi deployments must be validated for location accuracy and latency to ensure Cisco CMX can provide optimal service.

We are excited to introduce the Cisco CMX mobile app to aid CMX customers with this ongoing effort, The first version of the app is now available in the Apple App Store and enables CMX deployment configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

CMX Admin mobile app screenshot with iPhone bezel

The intuitive dashboard on the CMX Server page allows the deployment administrator to monitor critical statistics such as Active Clients, Latency, and more. The Blue Dot feature allows existing deployments to monitor WiFi locationing functionality and accuracy with real-time field tests.

CMX Admin mobile app screenshot 2 with iPhone bezel

Advanced test tools make your CMX deployments successful. Location Accuracy allows deployment admin to conduct point by point location accuracy tests at 10m accuracy and return Avg Error Distance. Location Latency helps to confirm location computations are occurring in a timely manner onsite or alert of an computation latency problems that may have risen due to network configuration or deployment changes.

CMX Admin mobile app screenshot 3 with iPhone bezel


These tools provide the first few steps of insight into debugging WiFi location-related symptoms at CMX deployments, which is critical for getting the most out of your CMX deployment!

Coming soon…the CMX mobile app for the Android platform as well as features enhancement for monitoring WIPS, Access Points, and Analytics data.

Give it a try and let us know what you think! For more about Cisco CMX, visit http://cisco.com/go/cmx.


Guest Blogger: Anu Jadhav, Product Manager

Anu Jadhav Guest BloggerAnu Jadhav is part of the Enterprise Networking Group with focus on mobility. In his present role, Anu is responsible for Product Management of Cisco CMX mobile application for iOS platform and Cisco CMX SaaS technical marketing. He is passionate about bringing innovative WiFi solutions to market. Anu joined Cisco with 7+ years experience in the Wi-Fi technology industry. He has a Masters degree in Engineering Management & Computer Networks from Santa Clara University. He enjoys photography, painting, and playing basketball.



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