As today’s mobile world evolves with the explosion of mobile and connected devices, small to medium-sized businesses are increasingly faced with the same wireless challenges and opportunities as large enterprises. To help our customers address their mobility needs, today we’re introducing the Cisco Mobility Express solution that is specifically designed to deliver enterprise class Wi-Fi for small to medium-sized businesses.

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Built on Cisco’s industry-leading technology, the Mobility Express Solution is our most simple-to-deploy and cost-effective option in our wireless portfolio. Here are the key features:

  • Simplifies Deployment — Without the need for a dedicated controller appliance, it can be deployed in under 10 minutes, managing up to 25 Access Points and supporting up to 500 clients in a single cluster. In addition, the Cisco Wireless Mobile App, available for iOS and Android, can be used to configure and manage this solution.
  • Supports 802.11ac — The solution will ship with Cisco Aironet 1830 or 1850 Series 802.11ac Wave 2 Access Points, enabling you to enjoy benefits such as increased bandwidth for more applications and improved client density. You can also have Cisco 802.11ac Wave 1 and 802.11n Access Points as part of the Mobility Express Cluster, which offers investment protection as your organization grows.
  • Offers new experiences for end-users – Optimized for Small Scale BYOD, CYOD, Guest Access and Internet of Things/Internet of Everything implementations, you have the opportunity to create new mobile experiences for your end-users.

In addition to Wi-Fi connectivity, we’re also advancing the analytic capabilities for our customers to gain business intelligence from the wireless infrastructure. Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX 10.2) is releasing two analytics tools – Presence Analytics and Social Analytics – which track historical and real-time visitor presence and dwell time, and customer sentiment from Twitter feeds. Easy to deploy in conjunction with Mobility Express or across wireless infrastructures within large enterprises, CMX enables businesses of all sizes to connect and engage with their end-users based on actual behaviors and preferences. In addition, there is now an expanded library of templates for CMX Connect.

By offering enterprise class solutions that are tailored for small to mid-sized businesses, we welcome customers to take advantage of the possibilities presented by mobility. Whether in a retail store, a classroom or an office environment, building a reliable and scalable Wi-Fi network is the one of the first steps in your journey.

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Rad Sethuraman

Senior Director of Product Management

Mobility Services