A CMX Partner Ecosystem Blog

Ecosystem partners are an important adjunct to Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX). They augment the analytic and customer engagement capabilities of the solution with innovative business outcomes. This blog is one in a series that will highlight several of our CMX Ecosystem Partners. Today—Intelligent InSites.

Intelligent InSites provides products and services that enhance the interoperability of healthcare IT systems, empowering staff with the right information at the right moment. By applying logic and location to clinical equipment, patients, and staff, the healthcare system can improve workflow and maximize patient satisfaction by optimizing equipment usage and staffing. Intelligent InSites drives value to healthcare systems by offering three primary products:


Locate: By providing real-time visibility into the current location of mobile medical equipment and staff, Locate enables caregivers to spend less time searching and more time delivering care.

Asset Optimization: By delivering insights into the utilization of assets, Asset Optimization enables healthcare organization to better use what they have and avoid unnecessary purchases or rentals.

Ambulatory: By providing an instant view of where patients and staff are and details about their status, the Ambulatory product gives clinics meaningful data on how rooms are being utilized, identifies patient flow patterns, finds outliers, and knows the story for every patient’s experience . This information combined with EHR data helps the care team coordinate in real time.

Tracking People and Things

The ability to track people and things makes Intelligent InSites products so effective. And Cisco CMX provides the real-time location that makes it possible.

By attaching and tracking wi-fi tags from a variety of third-party vendors, Intelligent InSites can help hospitals optimize their asset utilization. Staff can quickly locate key assets, saving time and, in some cases, lives. Many times, similar assets are located in one location rather than allocated throughout the hospital. Intelligent InSites can identify when and where this happens and monitor the assets to ensure they’re optimally distributed throughout the facility. And, when it comes to asset maintenance, the solution enables hospitals and clinics to determine how best to service the assets, ensuring the most efficient use of time and asset availability throughout the facility. In all these cases, CMX detects the assets and pinpoints their location on a map of the facility.

Through Real-Time Location System (RTLS) enabled badging, with room/sub-room level granularity, Intelligent InSites can provide a similar function with patients and staff. Patients can check in for their appointments and be directed to their exam rooms without staff involvement. At the same time, staff can be informed of patient arrival. The waiting time of the patient and the staff time spent with the patient can be tracked to ensure optimal utilization of resources.

The bottom line, Intelligent InSites and CMX can help hospitals and clinics operate more efficiently and deliver a higher degree of patient satisfaction—both keys to success in today’s health care world.

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Daryl Coon

Cisco Customer Solutions Marketing