Enterprises are increasingly looking to their wireless network to help automate and manage their operations. While connected devices play a huge role in this trend, they tend to be highly proprietary, consisting of specialized tags, sensors, and management systems that don’t talk to each other. The recent introduction of Cisco Operational Insights is designed to breakdown these siloed solutions and provide the essential end-to-end visibility that’s key to more effective operations.

While the solution is new, it’s spent several months in the field with key customers. The reviews have been excellent, touting the solution’s ability to lower the barrier of entry for enterprises that want to more effectively manage their operations. At Cisco Live EMEAR, I sat down with Pieter-Jans Nefkens, a Cisco Champion and lead consultant for YaWorks, to get his initial impressions of the solution, and Pushkar Sharma, Cisco Wireless Product Management.

During this podcast, you’ll hear about:

  • First impressions of the new solution
  • The solution’s ease of use and deployment
  • How the solution addresses today’s operational challenges
  • Potential use cases for operations in logistics and manufacturing
  • The solution’s technology-agnostic approach to ensure capability with third-party asset tags, sensors, and devices
  • The architecture of the solution, including its cloud-based rules engine and alerts
  • Plans to address GDPR and privacy concerns

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Daryl Coon

Cisco Customer Solutions Marketing