As with any type of information, the quality of the context improves the quality of the content. That is, the more relevant and accurate the information, the more valuable it becomes.

This truism is highly pertinent to the growing field of location-based services such as those supported by Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX). The more accurate the location, the more detailed the analytical information or customer-facing content. If we can improve accuracy to get near to the one meter goal, we can greatly improve the quality of that analysis or content. Now the context isn’t which section of a store or area in a hospital, it is exactly where the person is standing at that moment. This increased relevance makes the information more valuable to the venue and its customers, guests, and patients.

Understanding the importance of location accuracy, the Connected Mobile Experiences team has worked closely with our access point team to create an enhancement that delivers location accuracy to within one meter.

The solution employs four technologies to work its magic. First, the access point triangulates position based on Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI). Then, using the Hyperlocation antennae array module discretely wrapped around the access point, the solution can determine the angle at which the wi-fi signal nears the access point, improving the accuracy of triangulation. The solution also includes Cisco FastLocate technology to capture Wi-Fi signals within in seconds, creating more data points and providing more real-time location data. And, finally, the Hyperlocation Solution provides BLE visibility to incorporate the BLE proximity and augment the Wi-Fi location information.

Using these technologies, Connected Mobile Experiences can be optimized to focus accuracy to up to a meter. . Now, if a restaurant’s premium loyalty club member is seated at a particular table, the manager knows exactly which table and seat. They can greet the loyal patron by name and offer their favorite appetizer—compliments of the house.

The Hyperlocation is easy to deploy. Simply plug the Hyperlocation module into the socket on Cisco Aironet 3600 and 3700 access points. And all the essential technologies are now part of your solution. While AP increased density definitely improves accuracy, you can incorporate the Hyperlocation solution and improve location accuracy—without a new infrastructure.

By improving the accuracy of location, the Hyperlocation Solution increases the contextual quality of the Connected Mobile Experience and, as a result, the relevance and value to the venue and its customers, guests, and patients.

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Jagdish Girimaji

Director, Product Management

Enterprise Networking