Simultaneously, IT operations are becoming more centralized while business operations and company employees are becoming more decentralized, changing the role of WAN to take on an even greater importance.  That importance is hampered by the rising costs of traditional (MPLS) connectivity, the breadth of WAN providers required, management complexity, and an overall lack of agility.

Software Defined WAN from Cisco is the answer.  Cisco’s SD-WAN provides a better user experience with lower cost and reduced risk (i.e. improved security, increased visibility and control, etc.). The Cisco SD-WAN solution enables a rich set of features that enables a host of features including: advanced routing, best in class security, and application optimization. Cisco’s application optimization learns how apps behave and the set policies to prioritize business critical apps.  The SD-WAN portfolio is also architected for the cloud.  That means you can extend your network to the cloud with consistent WAN policies.

Cisco provides a complete technology solution but a partner that can provide SD-WAN as a Service is the next logical step for many customers.  IBM Global Technology Services (GTS) has created that solution and calls it “Multinetwork WAN Services.” Multinetwork WAN Services from IBM GTS uses Cisco SD-WAN as a foundation and then provides incredible value on top of it with their ITaaS offering and management dashboard.

Multinetwork WAN Service provides a unique set of advantages around global agility, simplified management, and better performance at lower cost.  The solution will typically increase the total available bandwidth by up to 30% and decrease the MPLS cost by up to 25%. IBM has done this by leveraging Cisco SD-WAN technology and routing solutions to create their global network peering platform (GNPP).

Logical view IBM Multinetwork WAN Service

The GNPP enables IBM to deliver unique value in the world of SD-WAN.  It provides carrier independence and a fully managed end-to-end service.   This unique business model with IBM’s system integration expertise helps to fully realize the vision of SD-WAN as a Service.

The Multinetwork WAN service creates a secure SD-WAN fabric that integrates connectivity and management across Service Providers, geographies, and infrastructure all powered by Cisco.   IBM GTS provides visibility and management through their custom management dashboard that provides inventory, topology, location details, and device management details.


To learn more about IBM Global Technology Services Mutlinetwork WAN Service powered by Cisco you can go here cs.co/IBMstory

To learn more about IBM Global Technology Services Multinetwork WAN Service powered by Cisco you can go here. To learn more about the Cisco IBM Alliance go here.



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