In the connected world we live in, constant access to communications with family, friends, and even work, have become imperative. It is no wonder that with such exigency to stay connected, the demand to provide this connectivity lies heavily on the venues in which we frequent. Restaurants, malls, hotels, grocery stores, sports stadium, and airports are a small sample of the many venues that often offer Wi-Fi access. CMX Connect is a guest portal solution which provides these venues with the opportunity to engage with users before Wi-Fi access is granted.

In the 10.2 CMX Connect release, we’ve gone global by providing a facility to serve portal pages in multiple languages (along with English). This is particularly useful for airports, and other venues where people from all walks of life, and with preferred languages, use Wi-Fi. Within some countries, portal pages in the native language, may even be a requirement, making CMX connect even more valuable.

Here’s how it works: After receiving a portal request from guest device, CMX finds the closest matching portal translation (based on guest device’s browser header for language preference) and then populates the page by adopting the determined language. In cases where translations are not available for the preferred languages, English serves as the default language.

Venue owners see an option to add new language versions in the portal editor on Connect & Engage User Interface. Please note that CMX doesn’t auto translate text for portal pages and the venue owner has to provide text translations in each language portal version.

Other powerful features include:

  • Portal pages can be configured in different languages for different locations.
  • Venues receive valuable language usage reporting.


With the 10.2 CMX Connect release, going global and providing essential connectivity to guests are all the more readily available. Read up here on CMX Connect and its many other powerful offerings.



Reddy Babu Adarapu

Techinal Leader