As digital textbooks, laptops and tablets becomes the new normal of classroom tools – but education budgets for resources and personnel decline – Cisco’s Mobility Express Solution provides educators with consistent, secure and easy-to-manage network access that promotes connective and collaborative learning.

Lessons going digital? Mobility Express Solution can help meet emerging online learning mandates seamlessly.

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Save your sanity (and your hair) with reliable, secure and consistent connections.

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With setup in less than ten minutes, the school can get access to learning materials from across the world.

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No IT squad? No problem! Mobility Express Solution makes it easy to install, maintain and operate a school’s online Wi-Fi network.

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With Mobility Express Solution, even the smallest of schools can access the bandwidth needed to meet new digital mandates– all within minutes and without the need for high levels of IT support. Visit our Mobility Express Solutions page to see how Cisco can help revolutionize connected learning in your district.

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Bill Rubino

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networking and Cloud Marketing