LiveAction 4.1, shipped in late August, provides additional Cisco IWAN management features available with PfRv3 release, announced in July for ISR and ASR platforms. As Cisco’s preferred management solution for IWAN, LiveAction makes troubleshooting of performance routing issues easier through at-a-glance visual dashboards and simple workflows.

LiveAction 4.1 leverages the scalability enhancements provided in version 4.0 and adds several important functions allowing enterprises to take advantage of improved intelligent path control for Cisco Intelligent WAN and large-scale configuration and change management functions.  LiveAction 4.1 features provide the following customer benefits:

  • More robust PfRv3 dashboard and workflows enabling faster troubleshooting
  • PfR configuration and provisioning via Net LineDancer (NetLD) integration
  • 5X faster report processing than LiveAction 3.0
  • Full NCCM functions through integration with NetLD
  • Device grouping allowing common operations across multiple devices with ease
  • Easier to deploy device configurations to multi-vendor platforms
  • No more restrictions on single admin login and flexibility in Active Directory login

With PfRv3 features supported in IOS 15.4(3)M (ISRG2)  and  XE 3.13 S (ASR1000, ISR 4000, CSR1000v), customers can install LiveAction 4.1 to leverage the expanded management features. Following is a PfRv3 dashboard providing a high level view of Alerts by Site, by Application Group, and Service Provider.  At a glance, network administrators can see what the top reasons contributing to PfRv3 Out-Of-Policy (OOP) conditions are so they can focus on those areas.  A search box allows users to display the dashboard by specific sites.

Live Action Blog 1

From here, the user can drill down to other detailed reports by clicking on any of those headings or bars. For example, to understand what application groups were affected, what the reasons triggered the threshold crossing alerts, and whether they were mitigated by PfRv3, network administrators can drill down to see that the “Voice-EF” application group had 172 delay threshold crossing events below.

Live Action Blog 2

In addition, some OOP conditions are correctable and some are not. For example, if there is an OOP on delay, but PfR cannot find another path to move the traffic over, LiveAction will report uncorrectable events and the associated reasons.   Those that were corrected means PfR was able to protect the application with route changes.  This allows network administrators to prove that PfR is working as intended. Without these visual reports, it would be challenging to correlate route changes and TCAs through CLI displays.

Live Action Blog 3

With an end-to-end topology providing connectivity and situational awareness, route change visualization showing how PfR reroutes and protects application traffic, and associated graphical reports displaying OOP dashboard and drill-down capabilities, LiveAction uniquely provides a comprehensive set of management functions needed to effectively manage the IWAN environment.

LiveAction is on the Cisco Global Price List consisting of three (3) pricing models:

  • LiveAction WAN
  • LiveAction Enterprise
  • LiveAction Professional

Please refer to the LiveAction for IWAN Management datasheet for more information.

For more information about LiveAction 4.1, please visit http://liveaction.com/new-liveaction-4-1/


Kathleen Nguyen

Senior Manager, Product Marketing