Hi All!  For this video my trusty film crew and I are still here in Orlando for CiscoLive 2013 and got in some great interviews!  In this episode I learn about Smart Connected Vehicles (and why you shouldn’t hack them),  meet with Chris Tillett (@christillett) of Halifax Media Group and find out why the new Cisco ISR 4451-X is the router for him, I get to sit in and program the Delorean time machine we had in our booth, and JOHN CHAMBERS GIVES ME AND MY TRUSTY FILM CREW A THUMBS UP.  Yes, that needed all caps, because it is awesome and I didn’t even realize it until the episode was posted!  Also, I tested the tensile strength of the CiscoLive sign.

How Can you Car Connect with The Infrastructure?

The Smart Connected Vehicles demo was one of the many in the Internet of Things booth. I wasn’t as familiar with this specific group, but they do some interesting work.  Their site mentions that we waste 90 billion hours in traffic jams and there are eight million traffic accidents every year, globally.  So while I may have joked about hacking their system to drag race, their concept of a smarter car that gets in fewer accidents, leading to less traffic from rubberneckers, is pretty great.  Plus, they estimate drivers will save an average per year of $550.

Get Your Own Time Machine or Donate to a Great Cause:

If you want to read more about Terry and Oliver Holler who own the Delorean and how they’ve traveled with it through all 50 states to raise awareness and funding for Parkinson’s Research you should check out http://tothefuture.org/Welcome.html.  As Oliver mentioned, they do a lot of fundraising and 100% of the donations collected benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, through Team Fox.

Why The Cisco ISR 4451-X is a #GameChanger

Chatting with Chris was a blast and his description of going from 5 firewalls to one, being able to scale as needed, and how he’s able to now find problems very fast was great to hear.    Matt Bolick recently did a great writeup on the conceptualization behind the ISR 4451-X, how it was was designed from the ground up with rich network services and application delivery in mind. If you’d like, you can also get the speeds and feeds on the 4451-X, how it revolutionizes delivery of services to high-end branch offices to promote a high-quality application experience, and what those services are.


Lauren Friedman

Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networks