This is another installment in a monthly blog series from the Cisco DNA Spaces team. Each month we shine a spotlight on one of the software or hardware vendors who have partnered with us to deliver solutions related to indoor location or IoT services.

Today, we’re featuring our App Center partner, Infor Location Based Intelligence, a software provider who works with organizations in the healthcare industry to leverage real-time location systems to track and manage people and equipment so they can improve operations and deliver better experiences for patients.

Below is a deeper look into what Infor does, and how we are partnering with Infor to help healthcare organizations deliver optimal care for patients.

About Infor, and what makes Infor unique

Infor Location Based Intelligence improves patient flow, asset utilization, and operational efficiency in clinics, hospitals, and across health delivery networks leveraging real-time location system (RTLS) technology.

For nearly twenty years, Infor Location Based Intelligence has been a best-in-class software solution, exclusively serving the healthcare industry. Our intuitive interface provides visibility into each department, scalability across the enterprise, powerful analytics, and the flexibility to choose the best locating technology to get the most value and the most complete solution to meet a client’s needs.

Solving healthcare challenges:

We aim to address a variety of operational challenges in healthcare operations by:

  • Improving the management and utilization of mobile medical equipment
  • Improving the coordination of care, including wait times, rounding, throughput, communication, and staff value-added time
  • Optimizing the storage of temperature-sensitive items, such as pharmaceuticals, blood, or specimens, and monitoring condition-sensitive spaces for temperature, CO2, air pressure differential, and humidity levels.

Ultimately, these all lead to improved patient and staff experiences.

Use cases enabled through Infor and Cisco DNA Spaces:

Infor Location Based Intelligence is solely focused on the healthcare industry, including clinics, hospitals and health systems. Cisco DNA Spaces and Infor help hospitals deliver the most critical use cases including:

  • Asset management: Enable effective asset tracking, management, and utilization for hospitals and healthcare systems with location-based intelligence. This reduces time spent manually searching for missing equipment and enables significant cost savings by optimizing equipment utilization.
  • Environmental and temperature monitoring: Automate the monitoring of temperature, air pressure, humidity, CO2, and other conditions, improving staff productivity and effectively preventing spoilage and loss.
  • Patient and staff workflows: Gain real-time visibility into the movement of patients and staff to improve patient access and operational efficiencies, and improve experiences for staff and patients. By doing so, staff can spend more time on critical services like caring for patients. Reduced cycle times also allow hospitals to increase capacity for more patient visits.

IoT Services for greater scalability and centralized visibility

The Cisco DNA Spaces Indoor IoT Services brings disparate networks together and provides an open, multi-vendor ecosystem for partner applications, integrations, and end devices. This means that the Cisco DNA Spaces and Infor provides a number of benefits for healthcare customers:

  • Lower total cost of ownership: Customers can deploy more use cases at greater scale and speed, and at a much lower total cost of ownership. Thanks to the gateway-enabled Cisco Wi-Fi 6 access points, customers don’t have the management headaches of deploying separate gateways and avoid vendor lock-in. They can just focus on delivering outcomes for patients and staff.
  • Open device ecosystem: Customers can go to the IoT Device Marketplace and discover a variety of beacons, tags, environmental sensors, and more, at diverse price points and form factors. Infor is compatible with many sensors from the IoT Device Marketplace. This is particularly beneficial for environmental monitoring, where the Infor partner app can take different sensor data to allow customers to monitor for abnormal conditions and take quick corrective action
  • Cloud-based configuration and management: Our joint solution makes it easy for customers to configure policies and manage devices in bulk. This can all be done from Cisco DNA Spaces as a single pane of glass cloud dashboard, and customers don’t have to depend on another vendor for device management.
  • End-to-end monitoring: Customers get full visibility into the entire lifecycle, from ordering devices all the way to partner apps for outcomes. Cisco DNA Spaces has expanded its monitoring to include device battery level, last heard, and firmware, to ensure that your end devices are working optimally. With end-to-end monitoring, customers can maintain the reliability of their business-critical use cases and prevent issues from becoming larger problems

Partnering with Infor Location Based Intelligence lets Cisco DNA Spaces provide solutions that fit the unique needs of each customer.

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