Have you read about Cisco’s DNA (Digital Network Architecture) announcement? In a nutshell, it is how the network will evolve into a platform that can keep up with the dynamic needs of digital business models, and ultimately –through analytics- even anticipate them.

DevNet DNA

As such, Network Programmability, accessible through intuitive APIs, is a key cornerstone of the DNA architecture. This week, we launched the DevNet DNA Network Programmability Dev Center, a resource tailored to the needs of network engineers and application developers that want to build innovative applications and integrations with DNA APIs. It is a repository for the APIs we offer at the 3 different layers of the DNA architecture, namely, from the bottom up:

  • Device Programmability via RESTful interfaces, NETCONF-YANG, RESTCONF.
  • SDN Controllers like APIC-EM.
  • Automation, Orchestration and Management tools such as Prime Infrastructure, Application Visibility and Control (AVC) or the WAN Automation Engine (WAE).

DevNet’s goal with DNA is twofold: First, we want to make network programmability easily accessible to network engineers and application developers. Second, we want to incubate a thriving ecosystem of development partners that provide our Enterprise Network customers with applications and solutions that help quickly address a particular business goal.

As such, the DevNet DNA Network Programmability Dev Center includes the following resources for coding and learning.

  • Learning tracks for network engineers and application developers: Our learning tracks include Coding 101 learning labs for network engineers and Networking 101 learning labs for application developers. They also include learning labs that teach you to code with the DNA APIs.
  • Sandboxes to code on real networks: We also offer a developer sandbox, that is, a lab environment to start programming and running applications on real networking equipment.
  • Coding resources: We offer DNA coding resources which includes documentation and developer support to help you get your DNA apps and integrations off the ground.

So, whether you are a network engineer, an application developer, a solution architect, or an independent software vendor, I urge you to explore the DevNet DNA Network Programmability Dev Center. It is designed to help you get started with your very own journey towards DNA and deliver on your very own business objectives.


Susie Wee


Cisco DevNet Ecosystem Success