True Story: The night I arrived in Orlando I was exhausted & hungry.  I headed to a neighboring hotel to meet a colleague for dinner, entered the hotel from a side door, and realized I was lost.  The <REDACTED> hotel and conference center had electronic maps on the walls, but they were poorly done (that’s my story) and it took about 20 minutes to find my way out of the maze. Realizing I had gone in a loop amid abandoned conference rooms was the low point.  As much as I love that potential setup for a horror movie (She thought she’d visit a friend, but never suspected the grave danger that lurked in that funhouse of hallways in “The Beige Lands of Doom”.  Don’t open Hall A!) I was grumpy by the time I found my friend.  Thankfully, Connected Mobile Experiences could spare people this fate and help them remain pleasant to dine with.  Unfortunatly, it wasn’t there in this scenario and adult beverages were requested by all.

In this episode of Enterprise Networks with Lauren* I had the absolute pleasure of chatting with Rad Sethuraman.  Rad is a Director of Product Management for the wireless LAN platform and basically runs the Connected Mobile Experiences solution program. He gave me a rundown on how Connected Mobile Experiences works.  I have to admit I’ve been a touch skeptical on the need for this solution.  “Why not just go online and use google maps / yelp / yahoo / etc. to find where something is?”  However, indoor locations often have poor reception and getting lost looking for a destination that *should* be nearby, can sour an experience.  Rad really helped me understand what Connected Mobile Experiences can do and how both businesses and consumers (you, me, anyone wandering in a mall/hotel/airport/etc.) can benefit.  Plus, he promised to send me to Nice.  Best. Interview. Ever!

* Hey all! I’m looking for a title for this series.  Enterprise Networks Week in Review doesn’t have much pizzazz.  Any suggestions?

** ALSO:  If you’re curious about wifi (who iand 802.11ac, specifically we have a webinar that will be live tomorrow (July 16, 2013) at 10am and on-demand at this URL thereafter: Using 802.11ac – The Next Generation of Wireless in the Healthcare Industry July 16: 10am Pacific




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