MGM Resorts in Las Vegas is all about hospitality.

Being one of many major resorts on the renowned Las Vegas Strip, MGM was anxious to connect with guests – and have guests connect to them. They needed to offer something that the competition didn’t. So MGM partnered with Cisco to implement an IT infrastructure that would give guests what they were asking for while also enhancing business-focused technology capabilities.

MGM now offers sufficient bandwidth for concurrent connections from many different devices, which enables simple, reliable access for guests. This also leads to better convention incentives for hosting meetings at the resort. And from the business end, MGM is able to collect more data and gather useful information from network users – allowing for even greater ability to communicate experiences and cater to their guestss.

Read more about MGM Resort’s Wi-Fi transformation and how it is positively impacting their business at mobilize.cisco.com.


Jaishree Subramania

No Longer with Cisco