There is a great, not often talked about, perk to working at Cisco. I work alongside some of the brightest minds in technology, whose lives and work I quite often stand in awe of. I get to see firsthand the way my co-workers lead, as well as the priceless contributions they make, not only in technology, but also in the world. The release of Cisco’s Mobility Experiences (CMX) is proof of our commitment to excellence.

Last year, when Connect Mobile Experiences (CMX) resonated so well with our customers, we started getting requests for greater flexibility and increased scale. Built not only for the current use cases but future use cases as well.  In response this year we’ve re-architected CMX to meet these requirements. Our combined goals were to build a single user interface (UI), which could manage hundreds of properties, delivering customizable reports for business managers, leveraging the latest and greatest technology . We are confident all users will approve of the outcome. Let me share with you 10 things you’ll love about CMX 10.0:

1. We have enabled mix and match for versions of CMX and Prime Infrastructure. All we need you to do is export maps from Prime and import them into CMX (regardless of the PI version).

2. As a user, you’ll love the outcome oriented, fresh and modern experience of 10.0.

mse 10 - 1

3. Real-time analytics dashboard for visitor counts, visitor dwell times, etc. Analytics Widgets are completely customizable, depending on the data you’re most interested in. The inbuilt reporting capability lets you generate an instant report or schedule one to be sent later.

mse 10-2


4. With CleanAir, 10.0 serves as a centralized platform which monitors and manages Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacon/iBeacons. You can gain visibility into Beacon health via the CMX platform rather than having to engage in costly truck roles. Additionally, missing or rouge beacons can be quickly detected.

5. The powerful REST API interface has been enhanced to configure, locate, and analyze. Critical assets such as maps, notifications, geo-coordinates, zone information, summary metrics, and health indicators, will be freely accessed.

mse 10-4

6. Enhanced serviceability and troubleshooting capabilities, now a top priority for the platform. We wanted to ensure, not only capture of health metrics, but also, importantly, simple access to those health metrics.

mse 10-5

7. Role Based Access Control allows you to specify access control rules to different modules in the system.

mse 10-6

8. The redesigned and mobile friendly Visitor Connect allows you to offer micro location guest wifi. It allows you to quickly create custom portals for wireless guest access.

mse 10-7

9. A powerful MAP view gives you an overview of where your associated and probing clients are while giving you powerful insights into details like which Access Point a particular client is connected to.

mse 10-8

mse 10-9

10. Last but not the least – we’ve built a highly scalable and flexible platform. For the same server, you can expect 3 to 5 times the performance.There truly is much to look forward to within 10.0. I’m personally excited to see how you’ll enjoy the above list of 10 features, and the many other valuable features (I haven’t even gotten around to mentioning). You’ll see, within this release, great care and detail, and a very clear look into the attention my (awe-inspiring) team puts into their work. I’m thrilled to offer CMX and look forward to hearing the top 10 reasons why you personally love this new release.As always, please reach out to me if there’s more within CMX you’d like to see!


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Pritam Shah

Director, Engineering