Throughout our daily routines, we always think about the future and the possibilities of ‘what if.’ Meteorologists predict what kind of hurricane we’ll see; stockbrokers predict how companies will perform in the future, and scientists predict different hypothetical outcomes to make world-renowned discoveries. There are predictions all around us, so why can’t our network do the same?

What if our network could predict or forecast issues that may arise? What if the network could learn from past incidents and intelligently adapt? No one knows what the future will offer and considering recent events we have lived through; we really need a better model to prepare for unknown disruptions. With a predictive internet, organizations have the opportunity to shift the IT management model and completely transform their network to stay ahead of the needs of their workforce.

Join us on September 28 at 1pm PT for a #CiscoChat where Cisco Fellow, JP Vasseur, and Sleep Number’s, Dan Kelcher chat with Senior Director of Product Marketing, Raakhee Mistry to discuss the possibilities of a predictive internet. You’ll also learn about:

  1. Network issues a predictive internet can solve
  2. Shifting from reactive to proactive IT management paradigm
  3. How AI/ML can enable a dynamic and adaptive network
  4. Impact of predictive models to improve the application experience

Have questions? Join us for the event and our panelists will answer your questions in real-time! We hope to see you there.

Join our #CiscoChat: Possibilities with Predictive Internet

on September 28 at 1pm PT


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Jasmine Shah

Marketing Specialist

Enterprise Networks & Cloud