Cisco Live EMEA may have just concluded, but IT insights continue to pour in from across the pond in Barcelona. The latest? It’s all about attaining enterprise network ease — with the power of Software-Defined Access (SD-Access).

As you are probably aware, enterprise networks have become much more complex over the past few years. The sprawl of enterprise-owned devices has grown ever larger as mobile and IoT devices have proliferated, making segmentation — already known to be notoriously complicated — even more tricky to tackle. The result: The operational difficulty of managing the network now weighs heavily on the enterprise, with IT teams frequently forced to work manually with CLI.

This is exactly where SD-Access enters the story — and our latest #CiscoChat podcast.

Built on the principles of Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA), Software Defined-Access (SD-Access) provides automated end-to-end segmentation to separate user, device and application traffic without redesigning the network. SD-Access automates user access policy so organizations can make sure the right policies are established for any user or device with any application across the network. This is accomplished with a single network fabric across LAN and WLAN. Pairing the two creates a consistent user experience anywhere without compromising on security

With SD-Access, IT teams gain automated end-to-end segmentation in order to separate user, device, and application traffic without having to redesign the network.

Recorded live on the #CLEUR show floor, I spoke with Cisco Director of Product Management, Rohan Grover, who describes how SD-Access works and the benefits seen, and Henning Bohlken from Jade University located in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. Henning describes his experience and the benefits he has seen with deploying Cisco’s SD-Access solution in his network.

By listening to this podcast, you will:

  • Learn precisely how SD-Access addresses IT issues associated with the ongoing spread of enterprise-owned devices.
  • Discover how much time IT teams typically save by taking this new approach to segmentation.
  • Hear Henning Bohlken, a real-world customer, describe the incredible difference SD-Access makes for him.

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Bill Rubino

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networking and Cloud Marketing