Your wireless network can deliver more than connectivity. Sure, connectivity is key but, because of the network’s end-to-end visibility, Wi-Fi can provide a unique perspective to power new and innovative use cases. Think back to the early days of the satellites. They were launched to replace undersea communications cables. But once the satellites reached orbit some very smart people realized those satellites had a unique view of the world—a view that supported satellite imagery and GPS.

Wireless is in a similar transition period. Forward-looking thinkers such as Cisco Champion Daniel Larssen are exploring the wide-ranging possibilities of wireless when combined with Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences, or CMX. At Cisco Live in Barcelona, I sat down with Daniel, network consultant for Tele2, to discuss and live stream about his work with CMX and indoor location services.

During this podcast, you will hear about:

  • Using CMX for IT troubleshooting and capacity planning
  • How CMX can help with citizen safety during emergencies
  • The business outcomes possible with Operational Insights and Workplace Analytics—two solutions in the CMX family
  • The twin value streams for CMX—engagement and analytics
  • The impact of data privacy concerns on indoor location
  • And Daniel’s CMX greatest hits.

For more information on CMX, please visit cisco.com/go/cmx.


Daryl Coon

Cisco Customer Solutions Marketing