RSL Care is one of Australia’s largest providers of retirement living, community care and aged care services with more than 28 communities throughout Queensland and New South Wales. This not-for-profit organization offers high quality Homecare, Retirement Living and Residential Aged Care services. In the words of the award-winning CEO of RSL Care: “We are focusing on guiding our customers to make the most out of life through wellbeing and independence”.


We talked to Ian Youngson, the Manager of IS Operations, to understand the wireless deployments at RSL Care. The business outcomes that the wireless deployment enables are support for a voice-over-Wi-Fi for the nurses, the ability to provide guest access to residents and visitors, as well as support for mobile devices carried by the staff and doctors.

At a Glance:

Located in: Queensland and New South Wales, Australia

Number of residents: 2200 in Residential Care

Access-Points: Over 2000 APs – 3502s and 3702s Internal and External


  • 1 x 2504 and 7 x 5508s (7.3.112) and
  • 12 x 5760s and 3 x 3850 switches (03.03.05SE)
  • One primary controller at site with a fall back controller in the data center.

Prime Infrastructure: Version 2.1

CMX/MSE: Version

ISE: Version 1.3

Deployment Details:

These are the SSIDs to choose from:

  • Enterprise SSID – Separate for Data, Mobile, Voice and Vocera
  • Guest SSID

Future Considerations:

  • Internet of Things: RSL has observed an explosion of connected devices with the IOT wave
  • Location tracking with CMX
  • Media streaming

Outdoor 3702 Access Point in waterproof enclosure


Indoor 3702 Access Point



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Jeevan Patil

Director, Product Management

Wireless Network