With Halloween fast approaching, here is some food for thought (and when I say ‘food’ I don’t mean mini sized Snickers from your kid’s Halloween bag). What if you could wake up on October 31st and easily dress up your traditional WAN infrastructure as a threat detecting, cost saving, remotely managed, software-defined WAN?

As a network administrator, you know that legacy WANs were not built to support the number of active users and devices out there today. The way in which large enterprises do business today involves multiple branch offices, users in different locations, and not to mention, a plethora of applications in the public and private cloud. And to complicate things further, increased SaaS applications have introduced an entirely new challenge of providing excellent user experiences across the WAN while balancing costs.

This Halloween, don’t let your traditional WAN yet again play the scary villain. Enter Cisco SD-WAN.


It offers faster, easier deployments and operations, as well as better performance. Now, you can get more bandwidth for less cost. Cisco SD-WAN solves for the challenges of the traditional WAN and provides increased benefits of better user experiences through consistent application experience, greater agility, and advanced threat protection through segmentation and integrated security. A robust security architecture connects users to applications enabling best of breed cloud security for internet-bound traffic. And you can enjoy these benefits while managing your SD-WAN architecture through a centralized dashboard, enabling application deployments in minutes. You get simplicity through a software upgrade, and avoid scary Halloween tricks.

So now that you know what kind of upgrade you want for your WAN, it’s time to head to the store. But, instead of visiting an overcrowded and messy Halloween warehouse to find the perfect SD-WAN for your business, let us do it for you. Work with Cisco Services to design the perfect SD-WAN for you- fit to your exact specifications and business needs. Then let us test it out through a Solution Validation service to ensure it is the perfect fit for you. Once you know you have the perfect SD-WAN, we can help you implement, manage, and even provide technical support so that you can have your time back.

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Nausheen Najib

Enterprise Networks Marketing