At MWC Barcelona 2023, Cisco continues to lead the way in Wi-Fi innovation. We are collaborating with Fira de Barcelona Gran Via venue to manage the MWC network for the 10th consecutive year. The network is powered by a Cisco Catalyst wired and wireless solution featuring the latest in Wi-Fi 6/6E technology and managed by Cisco DNA Center. Cisco DNA Center features advanced AI capabilities to keep the network optimized and users connected. This network will allow MWC attendees to experience the future of connectivity with seamless and secure Wi-Fi onboarding via WBA OpenRoaming.

At the Cisco booth, we will highlight our latest products and solutions for enterprises and service providers. The Cisco Network Operations Center (NOC), not to be confused with the full show NOC, is the ultimate destination for seeing Cisco’s latest innovations.

Cisco Network Operations Center (NOC)

At the NOC, visitors can check out the latest advancements in Wi-Fi technology from Cisco, including:

  • AI-optimized wireless networks: Cisco sets the standard with practical AI solutions that make networks predictable, reliable, and more secure.
  • Live MWC data: We’ll stream a live operational view from the MWC show network into the Cisco NOC. This will allow visitors to see first-hand how Cisco networking solutions are powering one of the most demanding networks on the planet.
  • Next-gen Wi-Fi: Visitors to the NOC will witness Wi-Fi 6E speed tests with leading device partners and get an early glimpse into standard power Wi-Fi 6E for both indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi with AFC (Automated Frequency Coordination).
  • Innovate Together: UWB is perfect for wayfinding, tracking security and medical personnel, for use in connected justice systems, physical security systems, and more. That is why Cisco has partnered with Geoplan and Samsung to help drive next-gen location services with 10cm accuracy. We’ll also showcase our integrations and innovations with other partners.
  • Powering wireless convergence: All MWC attendees will be able to take advantage of seamless and secure Wi-Fi across the entire show. With WBA OpenRoaming, attendees can forget about finding the right SSID or entering insecure usernames and passwords. OpenRoaming works with major global service providers and a number of other identities including devices and loyalty apps, to seamlessly offload traffic from cellular networks to indoor Wi-Fi. It happens automatically and in seconds because it uses an ID that users already have on their devices. Additionally, we’ll showcase how Cisco can solve IoT roaming challenges by enabling secure, automated onboarding of any device to any network. This is a perfect solution for connected supply chains, healthcare, smart buildings, and more.
  • Cisco Cloud: We are showing Cisco’s latest cloud-monitored and managed wired and wireless solutions and highlighting their ability to deliver innovative simplicity and predictive intelligence using cloud operation and enterprise-class functionality to tackle IT’s biggest needs.
  • Planning for the future: Cisco Spaces and the Smart Workspaces app help IT and real estate teams deliver office efficiency through indoor location services. This helps teams better understand space utilization and trends to plan out work environments that not only support energy and sustainability goals but also foster collaboration.

Continuing Innovation

Cisco is tirelessly working to deliver innovation and cutting-edge access solutions to make it easier for businesses to deliver the best possible wireless experiences. Whether you are looking for deterministic wireless capabilities, micro-location services, or seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, Cisco has you covered. Do not miss the opportunity to see these groundbreaking innovations in action at MWC.


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Brett Shore

Product Marketing Manager

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