Security is the single biggest concern for our customers. And today, the average organization has security products from dozens of vendors, making security infrastructure complex and difficult to manage.

With the introduction of Cisco ONE Advanced Security, Cisco is reducing this complexity, and simplifying the purchase of infrastructure security.

One-Click Security

Our customers no longer have to worry about securing their infrastructure as an afterthought. With Cisco ONE Advanced Security, they can buy predefined solutions in the Data Center, WAN, and Access domains – often with a single transaction.

At this week’s Cisco Partner Summit, we are announcing the general availability of three Cisco ONE Advanced Security suites:

  • Threat Defense for Data Center
  • Threat Defense for WAN and Edge
  • Policy & Threat Defense for Access

Cisco_One_Adv_Sec_Media_Slides (10,26.16)

The features included in these suites are aligned to specific use cases offering customers protection for their environments both inside and outside the network perimeter.

Cisco ONE Advanced Security helps customers in many areas. For example, when you buy an Intelligent WAN solution from Cisco, you can now choose to include advanced threat defense capabilities with Firepower services on ASA, a key feature of the Threat Defense for WAN and Edge suite. And as we get closer to the edge, endpoint security becomes equally important, so customers also get Cisco AnyConnect (Plus) as part of this Advanced Security offer in WAN.

Another use case for Cisco ONE Advanced Security is for customers buying wired or wireless access infrastructure from Cisco. They can now purchase the centralized policy engine ISE along with AnyConnect to provide security inside and outside the perimeter, identifying “who, what, when and where” for the people and devices connected to the network.

Over the past few months, as part of our pilot program for these offers, some customers have already been taking advantage of the simplicity and capabilities of these suites. For example, a K-12 school looking to refresh their access infrastructure purchased Cisco ONE Foundation and Advanced Access suites along with Policy and Threat defense for Access. This helped them get ISE and AnyConnect Security features for their school campus through a single transaction.

Subscription Buying

While Cisco ONE has traditionally been made available through perpetual licensing models, Cisco ONE Advanced Security is being offered on a subscription basis. With subscriptions, customers can buy just the capabilities they need, when and how they need them. This enables them to be more agile and helps accelerate the deployment of new capabilities.

In addition to the Advanced Security offering, Cisco ONE Enterprise Cloud Suites are now also available through four new subscription offers, Infrastructure Automation, Big Data Automation, Hybrid Cloud Orchestration and Service Management.

For more details on the Advanced Security offering and to find out more about everything available through Cisco ONE, take a look at Security in Cisco ONE.

We will be sharing more details on both these new Cisco ONE subscription offers at our Partner Summit today in San Francisco.


Pooja J Kapoor

Product Management Leader

Digitization Office