If you don’t know, Cisco Mobility Express is a terrific deployment option for small-to-medium sized organizations. Recently, Cisco created a new, fictional video that focuses on someone who has a lot of the same problems that many of our customers do.

Eric W. is just like you, he’s an IT Manager and just when he thinks his network is under control and he can focus his attention on innovating and planning for the future, the roof caves in-like it does nearly every day. Whether it’s the Wi-Fi going down or the credit card scanners not working, Eric is the only one tasked with making sure that the wireless network stays up and running.

Sound familiar?

This short video is a snapshot of the day-to-day activities of someone who needs to fight those daily “little” fires that end up taking a lot of time. They suck up so much of his time in fact, that Eric can’t think more than a few hours ahead of time. But luckily, Cisco Mobility Express changes all of that.


You’ll just have to watch the video for yourself and see what happens to Eric. Spoiler alert: it’s something pretty great.


To learn more about Mobility Express, click here.

To view the new Mobility Express video, click here.



Byron Magrane

Product Manager, Marketing