How many times have you been at an ATM and wish that you had a bank teller to help you?

In Malaysia, customers that use the Bank Simpanan Nasional (BSN) now have the luxury of getting their banking done at an ATM but also having that human touch. That’s because BSN is employing virtual teller machines (VTM) to assist customers with their transactions.

And Cisco is a big part of this partnership.

A VTM is a lot like a typical ATM, except bank customers have the option of talking to a teller who appears on a TV screen located above the VTM. Customers can ask the tellers anything from simple account inquiries to which banking products should be used when it comes to a loan. With over eight million customers and 400 branches, BSN began this program at branches with less traffic so those tellers can assist colleagues at busier branches.

Making sure that the virtual tellers connected with their customers was Cisco’s job. The solution included the Cisco Catalyst 2960X and 3850 Series switches as well as Cisco UCS sever as the main hardware components. Adding Cisco software like Cisco Business Edition 7000 platform with Cisco Jabber and Cisco DX650 provided the infrastructure for the voice and video feeds.

BSN has been happy with the Cisco partnership.

“Cisco was with us every step of the way—from strategic business concept to the technical design and implementation,” said Mohd Kahlil Omar, Vice President, Information Technology at BSN. “They actively collaborated and partnered with our organization at all levels to make sure the project was successful.”

A new Cisco technology and success? That’s a partnership you can take to the bank!

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Byron Magrane

Product Manager, Marketing