Cisco is helping you accelerate your business transformation with access to our entire portfolio under a single agreement. This is known as our Enterprise Agreement, which is a 3- or 5- year contract that can scale rapidly as your business changes. With an EA, you will have full visibility into your Cisco entitlements. You’ll also be able to maximize your investment with access to offers that are only available in a Cisco EA. Learn more about the benefits of an EA.

Our EA consists of 5 portfolios: Networking Infrastructure, Applications Infrastructure, Collaboration, Security, and Services.  Portfolios are collections of technology and services suites specifically designed to address your needs. You can start with one portfolio and expand to include other portfolios as necessary to support your business.

In this blog, we will specifically focus on the Networking Infrastructure portfolio. It focuses on helping you to adapt quickly to change and simplify and scale operations while protecting against service degradation and threats. This includes the following solutions:

  • Cisco DNA Software
  • Meraki
  • Data Center and Cloud Networking
Cisco Enterprise Agreement
Figure 1. Cisco Enterprise Agreement

Cisco DNA Software

The software-defined approach of your Cisco Catalyst wired and wireless networks turn business intent into business results. It delivers end-to-end visibility, automation, and insights into your network so you can innovate more quickly, reduce costs, and lower risk with easy-to-consume services. With the EA you can gain access to the latest innovations quicker and activate the features securely to the following Cisco DNA software suites: Switching, Wireless, and SD-WAN.


Cisco Meraki provides cloud-managed networking solutions through a single centralized dashboard. Meraki helps you optimize IT experiences, secure physical locations, and seamlessly connect people, places, and things.

The Meraki platform accelerates your ability to roll out secure, agile networks with personalized experiences for employees and customers alike. With Meraki available in the EA, you can connect hybrid workforces, power smart spaces, and provide safe, secure environments via these Meraki suites: Meraki Wireless and Switching, Meraki Secure SD-WAN, Meraki Sensors, Meraki Systems Manager for Mobile Device Management, and Meraki Camera Systems.

Data Center and Cloud Networking

Our Cloud Networking solutions are built for scale with industry-leading automation, programmability, and real-time visibility. You can easily gain access to a wide range of our data center and cloud networking technologies in the EA through the following suites: Nexus Switching and Storage Area Networking (SAN). With the EA’s simple Cisco Nexus Switching software subscription, you can choose the best time to migrate to our suite of data center and cloud network offerings. The EA subscription for MDS helps you get the most out of Cisco storage networking solutions so you can respond quickly to new business needs, control IT costs, meet compliance requirements, scale, and continue business during disruptions.

Eligibility Requirements

The Cisco EA includes both Full Commit Suites, which typically require a minimum commitment and enterprise-wide coverage where applicable, and Partial Commit Suites, which have no minimum (with some exceptions for the Security portfolio) for enterprise-wide coverage requirement. To make EA more accessible, we’ve lowered its minimum eligibility requirements by reducing the required commitment across an organization as follows:

Term minimum: 3- and 5-year terms with a 7-year exception
Contract value: $100,000 net at program level, after discount and pre- install base credits at program level

Networking Portfolio and Suites
Figure 2. Networking Portfolio and Suites


Visit the Networking Infrastructure Portfolio Guide to learn more


Monisha Alfaro

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networking & Mobility