Hospitals and healthcare providers across the globe are tasked with providing optimal patient experiences and executing critical day-to-day operations. Last November, we announced the partnership of Cisco DNA Spaces and STANLEY Healthcare that together would improve healthcare outcomes with location-based solutions such as infant protection, asset management, and environmental monitoring.

Today, we’re excited to announce that the Cisco DNA Spaces and STANLEY Healthcare integration is now generally available. Together, we are, simplifying deployments, enhancing monitoring, and reducing the total cost of ownership for location services solutions.

STANLEY Healthcare is a strong partner for healthcare, with 30 years of healthcare and technology expertise and over 15,000 healthcare customers world-wide. STANLEY Healthcare has been a pioneer of real-time location systems (RTLS) over Wi-Fi and infant security with their Hugs® Infant Protection solution. They continue to be industry leaders in both categories. STANLEY Healthcare currently serves some of the largest hospitals in the U.S. with enterprise level architecture and 24×7 support model.

With this integration, healthcare providers can leverage their Wi-Fi infrastructure and Cisco DNA Spaces for use cases like asset management; environmental and temperature monitoring; Staff, Patient and Infant Protection as well as various applications like workflow and hand-hygiene compliance. With its robust Firehose API and 24/7 monitoring, Cisco DNA Spaces reliably provides data to the STANLEY Healthcare platform, all while complying with user privacy. Today, customers who have deployed the Cisco DNA Spaces and STANLEY integration have had 100% up-time with a fast deployment and simple management.

Within hospitals, staff can track the location of medical devices and other critical equipment, and can be notified proactively if any equipment is misplaced or enters a prohibited area. For medications, vaccines, and other environmentally sensitive assets, staff can set temperature thresholds for monitoring and get immediate notifications when conditions deviate. Healthcare providers can implement real-time monitoring of infants, patients and staff, and trigger notifications in the event of abduction, entry into prohibited areas or staff duress. All these contribute to time and cost savings, higher productivity and safer experiences for both patients and staff.

Healthcare providers can deliver these use cases while increasing value in the following ways:

  • Simplified deployment:Reduce complexity and increase uptime through a lightweight cloud & connector model with active/active HA. Significantly reduce time to deploy, maintain and upgrade compared to traditional on-premises architecture.
  • High Scalability:Deliver RTLS capabilities and use cases at scale across multiple locations, using a lightweight deployment model. The DNA Spaces connector can support up to 10,000 access points and 350,000 devices, with High Availability
  • Enhanced monitoring and support – Enable faster time to issue resolution and reduce downtime through proactive end-to-end monitoring. This includes monitoring of the partner app, the Firehose API, and the data flow between the Controllers, Connectors, Applications and DNA Spaces.

“Through our collaboration with Cisco, STANLEY Healthcare is able to deliver a more seamless and cost-effective solution to healthcare providers who rely on RTLS as a core part of their operations,” said Sagi Geva, Director, Hospital Solutions for STANLEY Healthcare. “As we’ve seen with the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to efficiently manage mobile equipment, trace the movements of patients and staff and safeguard vital materials has never been more important to patient safety. The integration of our RTLS platform with Cisco DNA Spaces brings this key functionality to more hospitals, with increased reliability and scalability.”

Healthcare organizations that deployed this integration were able to realize significant improvements in reliability over the previous Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) and MSE solutions. The integration also simplified setup and maintenance. Asset management and environmental monitoring capabilities have resulted in reductions in equipment loss and prevented spoilage of sensitive assets.

You can read more from STANLEY Healthcare on this announcement in their press release. 

Together with STANLEY Healthcare, we strive to enable connected, productive and safe care for hospitals while reducing total cost of ownership and complexity.



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Lucas Hanson

Senior Product Manager

Cisco DNA Spaces