What do you do when you’re a part of a tiny support team but you’re responsible for a large, extremely mission critical wireless network? You look to Cisco to make sure that your job is a bit easier.

Houston Methodist Hospital is the leading academic medical hospital in Texas and their wireless networking staff is small. With only nine people on staff they still have a lot of ground to cover: 200 different locations with over 35,000 clients that connect to the network every day. And it’s not all just mobile phones and tablets, life-saving hospital equipment also connect to the network. You can imagine what can happen if those devices lose a connection.

So how does Houston Methodist Hospital handle the crush of devices in such a high-stress environment? Cisco just completed a case study video that explains it all and you can check it out here.

But for a sneak peak, Houston Methodist Hospital knew that with that many devices connecting in that many places, the staff needed a solution that would be their eyes and ears throughout the entire network. That solution is Cisco DNA Assurance. DNA Assurance allows the staff at Houston Methodist Hospital the ability to see through the eyes of the client; how it moves through the network, the on-boarding process, its connectivity and much more.

And if there are any issues, DNA Assurance is able to replicate it and offer a solution.

To learn more about how Houston Methodist Hospital used Cisco DNA Assurance to their advantage, click here.


Byron Magrane

Product Manager, Marketing