As an IT service provider, Germany’s Kommunales Rechenzentrum Minden-Ravensberg/Lippe (krz) knows a thing or two about the technology world. That’s why it’s no surprise why they choose Cisco to outfit their organization with the most cutting-edge devices.

When the company needed to improve network access and offer wireless devices with beefed up security, Cisco was the company krz called first.

“Thankfully, we can always count on our Cisco network,” said Reinhold Harnisch, Managing Director of krz. “It’s simple to manage because we can easily add new customers and sites.”

Working with municipalities, krz has rolled out a wireless-as-a-service program allowing cities and towns to offer a Cisco deployed network. Harnisch said that their clients lease Cisco wireless devices that are outfitted with Cisco security products such as Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). These devices are supported by the krz team.

Municipalities that use krz’ services are able to get top-shelf networks without the upfront expense of buying and maintaining their wireless infrastructure. Since a lot of krz’s customers use the infrastructure for emergency security services and first responders, it’s important that the devices that krz uses are the highest of quality. That is the reason why they choose Cisco products.

Harnisch explained, “We can’t build wireless and digital infrastructure with cheap hardware that breaks or is easily hacked. We need standardization around the best products to provide reliable services as economically as possible. That’s why we partner with Cisco.”

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Byron Magrane

Product Manager, Marketing