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What keeps CIOs up at night? According to CIO Magazine’s annual survey of CIO concerns, everything from security threats, to data protection, to the skills gap to digital transformation are top-of-mind. What’s not on their list?

Their networks.

The heart of the concerns they list? The network.

Then why isn’t the network top-of-mind?

The network is evolving. It’s not just a way to connect, it drives and enables business outcomes. The traditional networking model no longer meets the demands of the modern organization. The network needs to be intent-based, where network needs are anticipated, and it is intelligent, secure and ubiquitous. In our 2020 Global Networking Trends Report, you can learn how technology, operations and talent work together to build a network that is next-generation.

We know you have a long list of priorities all with time-consuming action items. And for that reason we’ve created an Executive Summary—specifically for CIOs—that gives you insights into the report, and provides guidance and actionable insights that you can begin implementing in your organizations today. Learn about:

  • Network technology, including how automation, AI, multicloud, wireless and network security work together to power the biggest changes networking has seen in decades.
  • Network operations, and how to take your network from reactive to business-optimized.
  • How networking talent can support this new era of networking, including how roles will evolve for both strategists and practitioners, new areas of expertise, and ways to upskill your teams.

Download the 2020 Global Networking Trends executive summary.



For the full report, as well as resources including a tool to assess your network’s readiness, our Networking.Next virtual event, and other resources, head to our 2020 Global Networking Trends page.


How are you preparing for the next phase of your network?

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Julie Niesen

Marketing Manager, Thought Leadership

Intent-Based Networking Group