With the beginning of the new year, many people take time to reflect on changes we want to make—habits and routines we either want to start or stop. Usually, our end goal is to make our lives more efficient and healthier.

Similarly, from our recent research, IT leaders are also looking for efficiencies and rethinking how their teams are doing networking.  They are reevaluating IT’s core value. Many are looking to reduce the burden on their IT teams to shift their focus to more innovative projects that enable the business.  Some are very interested to explore the potential of an emerging networking model—Network as a Service (NaaS). NaaS promises to reduce the burden of network lifecycle management, while providing IT with continual access to the latest technology.

But what exactly is NaaS, how is it similar or different from a lease, what kinds of networking challenges can it solve, and what are IT organizations’ plans for adoption?  Get answers to these questions and more in this latest podcast from Cisco’s Insider Series for Networking.

2022 Global Networking Trends Report Insiders Podcast

In this episode, hear from Prashanth Shenoy, VP of Marketing, Enterprise Networking and Cloud, and Phil Maynard, Director of Product Management, Network as a Service, as they have a candid and insightful discussion on key findings in the new 2022 Cisco Global Networking Trends Report: The Rise of NaaS. You’ll learn how other networking professionals are thinking about this emerging model and get some practical guidance on ways to get started if indeed NaaS is a right fit for your networking strategy.

It’s a new year, and it’s likely already time to take a break.  So, kick back, pop in those ear buds, and enjoy this podcast on Network as a Service.

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Arlan Arthaud

Product Marketing Manager

Cisco Networking