Technology is all the rage in education circles. But correctly deploying mobile technology takes more than talk. Without a clear path, schools and districts can make common mistakes that hamstring their efforts.

In a recent article “Ten Barriers to Technology Adoption”, Travis Allen, president and CEO of iSchool Initiative, explains the common issues he sees impeding the adoption of technology throughout the world. However, with some preplanning, many of these challenges can be avoided.

In short, schools and districts should actively and continually listen to students, teachers, and parents during the early stages of planning. Not only does this open discussion create a more active forum for sharing ideas, it also creates a culture of collaboration that accelerates adoption.

While districts tend to focus on mobility and the shiny new technology, care should be taken to make infrastructure part of the planning process. Infrastructure is the foundation that ensures the deployment will support digital learning initiatives—now and in the future.

And decisions should be made to ensure the technology and function are truly integrated.

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Daryl Coon

Cisco Customer Solutions Marketing