Apparently a lot! And the Best of Interop Commitee this year in Las Vegas agree. Cisco is the proud recipient of the Best of Interop Award in 2015 for the Mobility/Wireless category.

best of interop winner

Understanding customer behavior is a key asset for any business. This is also true in the growing field of indoor location-based services such as those supported by Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX).  A more accurate solution can help a business with their pain points: gaining more accurate data analytics on customer behavior, better statistics for operational optimization, and even providing better customer-facing content. In today’s world, the greater the location accuracy, the greater the relevance of the content.

The Cisco’s Hyperlocation Module provides that accuracy. As one of today’s most advanced location solutions, Cisco Hyperlocation is precise in pinpointing beacons, inventory, and personal mobile devices. Other vendor solutions use multiple access points to triangulate location coordinates within 5 to 7 meters of accuracy, but Hyperlocation, in conjunction with BLE beacons, can pinpoint locations to within a single meter.

It is this advancement in location-based data acquisition and analysis that brought Cisco to the forefront of the Mobility/Wireless category at Interop and sequentially allowed us to win the category.

Cisco Accepts the Best of Interop Award at Interop Las Vegas 2015 best of interop photo group

From Left to Right with two representatives from UBM, from Cisco; Bill Rubino, Yasser Hannush, Brian Robertson and Gagan Arora

What Makes Hyper Location Work?

Hyperlocation is achieved by combining industry leading infrastructure with industry-leading location-based data acquisition and analytics. The component of hyper location are:

Hyperlocation Antenna on Cisco Access Points: The Cisco Hyperlocation Solution consists of two products: the Hyperlocation Module and the Hyperlocation Antenna. The module plugs into the socket on the back of the Aironet 3600 and 3700 access points. The module provides Advanced Security for wireless, BLE, and FastLocate technologies. The Hyperlocation Antenna plugs into the Hyperlocation Module and wraps around the edges of the 3600 or 3700 access points. The addition of the antenna adds angle-of-arrival capabilities to the Hyperlocation Solution.

Hyperlocation in Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences: The Hyperlocation Solution substantially increases the location accuracy of the Connected Mobile Experiences. The FastLocate technology boosts the refresh rate so CMX captures more location data points. And the angle of arrival capabilities increases location accuracy to as close as one meter. The improved accuracy provides more granular analytics data and more relevant push content to the customer.

Subsequent BLE support for CMX: Through the Hyperlocation Solution, BLE beacons can be used to enhance the accuracy and engagement of the experience. The Hyperlocation Solution can detect BLE beacons installed in the venue. And the Hyperlocation Module includes a BLE radio that doesn’t require a battery.

New Analytics for CMX: With the launch of the new Connected Mobile 10.0, real-time analytics are now available. As a result, CMX can deliver actionable data that enables a venue to customize offers and staffing to adapt to current conditions in the venue.

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Bill Rubino

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networking and Cloud Marketing